Operator Licence Compliance Services

We are an approved OCR centre we can carry out a majority of the audits requested by the Traffic Commissioner

Regardless of size as a transport operator your Operator licence is the heart of your business.

  • The difference between believing you are compliant and knowing is the key to protecting your O licence.
  • Whether you use your own drivers, own engineering staff or own vehicles the name on the O Licence is the name at risk.
  • Undertaking regular compliance checks on the integrity of your systems and third parties is key to preventing potential liabilities such as fines, public inquiries and hefty legal bills.

Using the right people to undertake compliance checks is key. Our team of fully qualified staff have been in management roles and understand the requirements of how to stay compliant, understand operational pressures, root cause of how maintenance issues evolve and how they multiply when they are not tackled correctly.

We do not simply identify the issue we see our customers as our partners and we provide recommendations, guidance and help you become stronger with your compliance helping you to protect and focus on growing your business with the knowledge that you are compliant.


Compliance is about making the right decisions.

This starts with choosing the right compliance service provider. We are the only compliance provider who is appointed as the Confederation of Passenger Transports “Compliance Partner” for the passenger transport industry.

Audits & Support Services

Transport Audits

Would you like peace of mind concerning your vehicle operator’s licence?
We can undertake an audit concerning most areas of your operation. As we’re are an approved OCR centre we can carry out a majority of the audits requested by the Traffic Commissioner;

  • Arranging for independent vehicle inspections
  • Full vehicle and driver document check
  • Tachograph inspections
  • This service is available to both passenger transport and road haulage operators.

Other Support Services

Transport can sometimes seem like an over legislated leviathon with timescales to deal with things simply not a part of your busy schedule. Where you don’t have the time, or perhaps the knowledge to deal with things as quickly as you’d like, we can do it for you, quickly and efficiently.

Let TDS take away some of the pressure to allow you to get on with what you do best – running your business. With our support team of lawyers, auditors and experienced consultants, we can undertake;

  • Representation at Public Inquiry
  • Operator Licence Major Changes, such as increasing your vehicle margin, new operating centre etc
  • Operator Licence/Maintenance Audits as an agreed undertaking at Public Inquiry
  • Health and Safety issues
  • Employment Law issues

All our services

Our independent and none bias compliance monitoring services include:

  • Vehicle Inspection Services
  • Maintenance Systems Compliance Audits
  • Vehicle Inspection Training
  • Operator Licence Applications
  • Public Inquiry
  • Compliance Plus
  • Pre-use
  • Gate Check" Auditing
Whatever the nature of your requirement, call 0345 9000 895 today to see how we can assist.